Day 3- Colorado Stop!


The stop in Colorado was fantastic! The Cannaball Run hosted a delicious evening of networking, socializing and food tasting to educate and raise awareness for the need of cannabis therapy to legally be considered an alternative option for the treatment of PTSD and TBI, which are both not considered qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in the state of CO at this time. PTSD is only considered a qualifying condition in 13 of the 23 + DC states that currently legalized medical cannabis. This must change and is the catalyst for the 2015 Cannaball Run for Vets.

The evening highlighted an infused cook-off at the headquarters of Cannabis Network Radio on Saturday, October 24 from 7-11pm. Chef Nugs of Hollywood, CA and the Weed For Warriors Project competed for best dish against Chef Joey Galeano of MagicalButter,com. Both dishes were decadent. The decision was based on presentation, creativity and taste. The judges were a carefully selected group of cannabis personalities based in Denver, Colorado. This panel was MC'd by the CEO of, Garyn Angel, and included Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran and Wendy Turner of Millennium Grown Broadcast Network and American Marijuana Refugees, Robert Hoban of Hoban & Feola which is currently the team suing the state of CO for their ruling against PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis, Mike Elliott of Marijuana Industry Group, Sean Kiernan of Weed For Warriors Project, and disabled veteran Jose Martinez. The winner chosen for the cook-off was Chef Nugs of Hollywood with a dish of Filet Mignon and Asparagus. The cook-off and all of its speakers were broadcasted live throughout the night on

The vets also interviewed with KDVR and iBake radio and toured Medicine Man as well as the Lodo Wellness Dispensary while they were in town.

Overall the CO experience was wonderful!

Quotes From The Colorado Stop!

"Saturday, 10/27 was a great event, and a great turnout. A tremendous group of fantastic, humble, and brave people. The folks from the Weed for Warriors Project and from Magical Butter put together a great event to benefit the veterans and it was amazing. The celebrity chef cook-off was an added bonus, with a sampling of gourmet delights. Truly an blessing to be invited; to meet these fine people; and to be able to speak to the crowd about our efforts against the State of Colorado with regard to the lawsuit seeking to add PTSD as a qualifying medical marijuana health condition was a true honor. We will fight the good fight!"

Robert Hoban
Hoban & Feola

"This was a positive event that shed light on a grim situation for veterans. As we tour the United States raising awareness for war trauma to be considered a qualifying condition for the legal use of medical cannabis, we hope that we can take our efforts and create enough attention to help change bad policy. Colorado has recently ruled against PTSD to be considered a qualifying condition for cannabis therapy, this sets the wrong example for the country regarding medical cannabis regulation. This is why the fight in CO is so important. The Infused Cook-off was a great atmosphere to help educate about this cause. The dishes that Chef Joey and Chef Nugs created were amazing. They both proved that cooking with cannabis can be a delicious experience."

Garyn Angel
CEO MagicalButter

"Being a judge for the Cannaball Run cook off was absolutely my honor. This amazing event for our veterans was thrilling, and the food was out of this world. Meeting the veterans was thrilling, and the food was out of this world. Meeting the veterans and hearing their stories, being a part of this historical event, made it even better. Hats off to both Chef Joey and Chef Nugs for the exquisite meals, to the Weed For warriors Project and Garyn Angel of MagicalButter. I can't wait to do it again next year!"

Amy Dawn

I was very honored to be able to participate in the judging of the Cannaball Run Cook-off. Our family has a very deep connection to military vets and also cannabis. and the Weed For Warriors Project are amazing organizations and they put together a great event! I had a blast and the food was ridiculously amazing! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Cannaball Run event! I can't wait to do it again next year!"

Wendy Turner

"Colorado is one of my favorite places in the country to cook my infused meals. I have been cooking Italian my entire life as that is how I was raised in Brooklyn. I decided to go with a family recipe for this competition and the crowd loved it. Chef Nugs also presented an amazing meal and I am happy to have seen him win. I look forward to cooking with Chef Nugs again in the future and I am proud to have been a part of the Veteran cause with him on this event. I am looking forward to an infused cook-off in next year's Cannaball Run!"

Chef JoeyGaleano

"As a Veteran, I find the best way to utilize medical cannabis is through ingestion. This is how to receive the full benefits of cannabinoids, which is one of the ways cannabis assists in the treatment of PTSD and TBI. This Cook-off was especially important to me because I wanted my fellow Veterans to see how easily cannabis can infuse our meals in a delicious way. I am happy to have won the competition, but I feel that Chef Joey's dish was incredible as well. This event was a fun way to raise awareness about the importance of Veterans to receive legal access to medical cannabis. As Colorado is at the forefront of cannabis regulation, it is that much more disturbing that they recently denied PTSD as a qualifying condition based on what they said was a lack of research and evidence. On behalf of all Veterans seeking legal access to the safer alternative of cannabis to replace deadly narcotics, we thank Robert Hoban and his team for fighting the state of CO to overturn this decision. I enjoyed this event and everyone that participated in it."

Chef Nugs


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