Day 1 – Cannabal Run


The 2015 Cannaball Run for Vets launched Saturday, October 17 with a march at the Santa Monica Pier.

This march was successfully completed by disabled veteran (triple amputee), Jose Martinez. During the march, his fellow veteran sisters and brothers as well as advocates from around the country, watched as Martinez struggled to complete the final miles.

Each supporter was inspired by the fight they witnessed in Martinez to finish. "It was clear to each individual on this march as we saw Jose finish, that this fight is the most serious for our veterans. They deserve the rights and freedoms they fought for.

They deserve the safer alternative of cannabis therapy to treat war trauma. Too many vets have suffered. We owe this to them." said Garyn Angel, CEO of Each veteran completed this march with a sense of comradery.

Weed For Warriors Project

The Weed For Warriors Project seeks to put an end to Veteran suffering and end the suicide epidemic that has befallen our brothers in arms. See our up to the minute coverage of Weed For Warriors on TNMNews.


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