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The Weed For Warriors Project

Over 22 Veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY. Help stop this incredible injustice to those who have served by supporting the Weed For Warriors Project.

Yes, I Want To Support Our Troops

Testimony From Weed For Warriors Santa Monica Cannabal Run

Jose MartinezDisabled Veteran

We Are Here To Stand Tall With Our Brothers And Sisters

“We had such a great time informing the world of our movement. We are here to stand tall and strong to help our brothers, sisters, family and friends that need us to do this. We will be the voice of change that this world needs. Thank you to all our supporters that were here helping us with our movement. It is a long, tough road ahead of us. But with everyone walking amongst us, together we can keep pushing forward one step at a time! Let’s keep it positive world.”

It Is Time To Put Veterans Before Profits 

“It is time this Country put its Veterans before the profits of the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Prison Industrial Complex, or a health care system that is more concerned with milking these Veterans for every last dime vs truly healing those who fought for the very system that now has abandoned them.”

Sean KiernanVeteranZachary VictorGreen Tech Industries

It Was Very Humbling For Me 

“After hearing his story, and how he has overcome his disabilities… it was very humbling for me to watch a triple amputee hip disarticulate power through a 4.2 mile walk. Jose is the optima of bravery and determination. I am so proud to have jose in my life and anticipate a life long friendship with this amazing veteran.”

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