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Weed Recipes: Lil Smokies Sausages

Check out the below recipe for weed-infused Lil Smokies sausages for your next cocktail party, pot-luck or tailgate. Have you tried this or a similar recipe before? Let us know about it in the comments.

You will find this to be a hit in the crock pot. Find a sausage that you like and grill them ahead if time. Just give them a slice and let them swim in the sauce of your choice.

35 minutes:
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Servings: 13 Servings

– 12 hot dogs, chopped into thirds
– 2 Tbsp Infused Olive Oil
– 4 tsp minced garlic
– 2 tsp ground ginger
– 1 tsp chili powder
– ½ Cup diced onion
– Cup reduced-sodium soy sauce
– ¼ Cup light brown sugar
– 1 Tbsp rice vinegar
– 2 Tbsp ketchup
– 2 tsp mustard
– ½ tsp sesame oil

Heat canola oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic, ginger, chili powder, and onion and sauté about 3 minutes. Add soy sauce and brown sugar, and bring to a boil. Cook, covered, over medium-low heat 8 minutes or until onion is tender. Transfer to a blender; add vinegar, ketchup, mustard, and sesame oil, and process until a chunky puree forms. Add sauce to crockpot. Add hot dogs. Cook on high 2 hours or on low 4 hours. Serve warm and garnish with sesame seeds if desired.

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