Weed-Infused Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos

What stoner doesn’t like bacon? Or cheese stuffed jalapenos for that matter? Check out the below recipe for some kick-ass bacon wrapped and weed-infused jalapeno poppers. Let us know if you try this one out in the comments.

These delicious Cannabis-Infused Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeños are the perfect appetizer for almost any occasion.

1/2 cup MagicalButter
1 pound center-cut bacon
6 ounces Boursin cheese
12 large, fresh jalapeño peppers
2 tablespoons seasoning salt

Pre-heat your oven to 225°F.

Cut the tops off and core the jalapeños, carefully removing seeds and inner ribs.

Fill the peppers with Boursin cheese, and wrap them with bacon, starting at the bottom.

Coat the peppers with the oil, and sprinkle them with Spice Mix.

Put them into the smoker, standing upright, for 1 hour.

Plate your Cannabis-Infused Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeños, serve, and enjoy!

Cannabis-Infused Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeños

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