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5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Sex Weed

Check out the below article for 5 different ways to enjoy weed after sex. Would you be interested in any of these? Have you tried any before yourself? Let us know about it in the comments.

Pleasure aficionados understand how hot having sex high is. However, don’t get lazy and become someone who thinks all the fun is over once you come. Such ideology is for both cannabis and fornicating newbies.

Ideally, you’re getting busy with someone whose company you enjoy. While glistening with sweat (and whatever else), indulge in cannabis together after sex to keep the good times coming. Depending on the time of day and your mood, that can mean everything from a romantic weed bath to lull you to sleep or a cup of cannabis tea to revive your life force and get you ready for seconds. Here are five ways to chill out after having a stoned orgasm.

5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Sex Weed

Kush Queen Bath Bomb

Skip the post-sex shower in lieu of a shared cannabis bath. It’s so much more romantic. What’s up with people who jump out of bed immediately after boning to shower? Are they all just Virgos? Proper aftercare, the practice used by the BDSM community to check in on your partner after sex, is important regardless of your sex style preference, and, in my opinion, should include snuggling in one another’s sweaty arms and taking in bodily aromas. It’s hot and primal. When you are ready to step out of the puddle of sweat and everything else, draw a bath and plop one of these pretty THC suckers in.

The Kush Queen Bath Bomb, made with 25mg of THC and 25mg of CBD, comes in a variety of options, from “Relax” (made with lavender and perfect for when you want to chill after knocking boots) to “Awaken” (made with peppermint for when you’re ready for an underwater round two). I was deeply calm after using the “Relax,” but one should be careful about drinking any tub water. A friend of mine and her partner splashed around a little too much after trying the same one and swear they were still high the next day.

5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Sex Weed

Cannabis Chocolate

Imagine that you just came, and you’re lying in bed, indulging in the afterglow. The magical being who just got you off comes back from their post-sex pee to feed you cannabis chocolate. What more could you ask for?

Any weed chocolate will do, from the one you made yourself — if you have stoner pastry chef abilities, try this recipe for gushy hot lava cake — to the Green Cacao Company’s line of chocolate bars that come in Indica, Sativa, and high-CBD strains. Enjoy responsibly; if you’re new to edibles start out with a bite of 5mg of THC. I’d advise eating weed chocolate after Sunday morning sex as a form of worship when you have the entire day to spend enjoying the high together.

Weed Massages

Sometimes getting a massage from your lover can be better than sex, but why choose when you can have both? And why give a normal massage when you can give one with THC-infused oil? Whether using store-bought products or homemade tools, weed massages are extremely healing. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial, regardless of your method of intake. And THC dilates our capillaries, which helps increase blood flow and heightens sensitivity, meaning better sex all around.

If you’ve engaged in proper humping, and your hips and lower back could use a little love, try a CBD pain relief lotion such as Melt. Or spice things up with a contraption such as Levo, which allows you to infuse coconut oil with cannabis at home. And without a doubt try the THC-infused lube made by our friends and Sex Week partners at Velvet Swing — it’s got 100mg of THC and 33mg of CBD which “work in synergy to relax blood vessels and muscle tension, leading to easier, more pleasurable intercourse.” Lie on your stomach on the bed and allow the human who is responsible for your sore back to rub out the ouch. Topicals like Melt are non-psychoactive, but weed massages may spark arousal and a desire to get it on again.

5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Sex Weed

The Classic Joint

Have you ever had such good sex that you don’t want to move? Forget unwrapping a bath bomb or even getting out of bed to grab the CBD ointment — you came so hard that you’re experiencing difficulty stringing sentences together and you want to see this loss of vocal abilities to the end. An after-sex joint is the new after-sex cigarette. Lying naked on your back next to your lover, passing a joint back and forth, is classic AF. If it’s the afternoon and you eventually want to regain language skills, engage in conversation, or even head to dinner and a movie, opt for Sativa. If it’s late at night and you’re ready to fall asleep in one another’s arms, try an Indica strain rolled into a spliff with lavender leaves for the best post-sex slumber you’ll ever experience.

5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Sex Weed

A Cup of Cannabis Tea

If you enjoy flowers in the form of marijuana and aren’t already a sipper of tea, it’s time to change that. Tea is more of that good herbal healing. If a cup of chamomile reminds you of your grandma and feels funny to drink after sex, do the grown-up thing and choose a cup that will also get you stoned. Still Water makes a Blissful Black Tea that’s low-dosed with 2.5mg of THC per cup. Especially if you live somewhere that has a winter, a warm cup of cannabis tea provides an ideal post-boinking boost. Sip a cup together as you get to know one another through oxytocin-filled cuddling and conversation, or while you put on a campy horror flick and cuddle up together. If you have a high tolerance, you can always have more than one cup, or invest in their 10mg teas for a more intense post-sex weed trance.

5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Coitus Cannabis – Culture | MERRY JANE

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