Viridian Interviewed by S&P Global Market Intelligence

 Viridian Capital Advisors was recently interviewed by S&P Global Market Intelligence to discuss several key trends driving the transformation of the cannabis sector from a cottage industry to a more sophisticated and industrial-scale market.

In this article, Viridian’s President, Scott Greiper, discusses the emergence of more highly skilled operators entering the cannabis industry, how cannabis real estate investment is growing and attracting more sophisticated investors, and how the Trump Administration is likely to interact with legal cannabis markets.

S&P Global Market Intelligence provides financial and industry data, research, news, and analytics to investment professionals, government agencies, corporations, and universities worldwide. It collects, interprets, analyzes, and connects large amounts of financial and industry data and turns it into actionable intelligence to help clients make business and financial decisions.

To view the article, please click here or on the image below:

About Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC
Viridian Capital Advisors ( is a financial and strategic advisory firm dedicated to the cannabis market. We are a data- and market intelligence-driven firm that provides investment banking, M&A, corporate development, and investor relations services to emerging growth companies and qualified investors in the cannabis sector. Our banking practice, through broker-dealer Pickwick Capital Partners, LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC), provides capital and M&A to fund the growth of our clients, while our advisory practice helps to position and build their businesses. Our team’s decades of high level operating and transactional experience on Wall Street in a variety of emerging sectors, allows Viridian to provide comprehensive strategic and financial solutions that assist cannabis enterprises in realizing their full potential.Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. The Federal Government does not recognize marijuana to have any medicinal values. Marijuana cultivation, possession, consumption, sales, and distribution are illegal under federal laws and also certain state laws. Please note that there are differences in marijuana laws from one state, county, or city to another.

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