VIDEO: First Ever Marijuana Plant, Seed, and Joint Sent Into Outer Space

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There are so many new milestones that have yet to be hit in the marijuana landscape.

You can scratch another one off of your canna-bucket list, as the geniuses at, along with High Times have already covered the presence of marijuana outside the earths atmosphere.

Actual NASA astronauts would never be allowed to carry such substances due to regular drug testing, and the dangers of impairment during a mission, however the video below is one small step for man, one GIANT leap for marijuana., Launched on June1st 2013 (outside US). The flight time was roughly 3 hours, Balloon traveled est. 95,000 feet (19 Miles) above Earth, Traveled a distance on the map of 67 miles. It was damn hard to track, but Mission Accomplished!
Aboard was (1) Joint, (1) Clone, and 95 seeds. First in History!




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