Tune In Tomorrow: New TNMNews Episode Explores Anti-Munchie and Paranoia-Reducing Supplements, Protecting Families, and Big Business Taking Over the Cannabis Industry


Did you know there’s a supplement designed to help with the un-fun side effects of cannabis? Listen to this week’s TNMNews show to learn how Tauriga Sciences’ all-natural supplements help patients avoid the munchies and paranoia. The new episode begins airing tomorrow at and also examines the work of Sons & Daughters United, a group helping to stop families from being torn apart by the authorities over cannabis use, as well as Advanced Nutrients’ Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis, who discusses how professionalism and big business are taking over the industry.

Medicinal Synergy – All-Natural Supplements that Complement Cannabis Therapy

Dr. Lawrence May, Chief Medical Officer of Tauriga Sciences, talks to TNMNews about his company’s line of nutraceutical products that can be used in conjunction with cannabis to improve the patient’s experience. The company’s Satietiva product tempers the appetite-stimulating effects of certain strains of cannabis, while the IndiCalm capsules contain the calming amino acids found in green tea to reduce the anxiety some people experience when they use marijuana.

Dr. Larry May is a pioneer in recommending cannabis therapy to patients. He began encouraging marijuana use for his patients who suffered from nausea and appetite loss long before any states legalized the medicinal use of marijuana because he views it as the most effective and least toxic remedy. He also believes cannabis is effective for treating anxiety and sleep disorders, and that it is also an effective exit drug for people who are addicted to pain killers like OxyContin.

Protecting Families Who Use Cannabis

Next up, Josey Scoggin tells TNMNews host Todd Denkin that she founded the national nonprofit organization Sons & Daughters United to help protect the rights of parents to treat their medical conditions and those of their seriously ill children with cannabis therapies without fear of a police raid or losing their freedom, homes, or children.

Josey is also a proponent of laws allowing recreational cannabis use, which she argues is a safer alternative to alcohol. She says cannabis legalization would also enable peace officers to focus on efforts that make our communities safe.

Big Business Is Taking Over the Cannabis Industry

The show concludes with Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis, a hydroponics expert and the owner of Advanced Nutrients, describing how the cannabis industry is rapidly changing, ushering in a new era of professionalism and investment. He says the days when hydroponic store employees could sit around getting high and playing video games all day are gone—they now have to engage with customers to be successful.

Big Mike believes creating and adhering to standards and regulations are necessary in this industry. “People are ingesting this, they are either vaporizing or ingesting edibles, and it has to be really, really clean,” he says.

TNMNews keeps you up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the cannabis world. Tune in tomorrow to hear these interviews.

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