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Leafly Removes Unlicensed California Marijuana Dispensaries from Its Finder

Leafly recently posted that as of March first they have removed from their dispensary finder any unlicensed dispensaries or delivery services in California. The state made it clear that only licensed retailers or delivery services may advertise via technology platforms. California has had unlicensed and illegal marijuana outlets popping up for a quite some time that were able to exist in a gray area of the law, but the passage of Prop. 64 in 2016 had a plan to clean up the state.


Israeli Research Drills Down on How Marijuana Can Help Fight Opioid Dependency

Research out of Israel that focused on cancer patients found that including cannabis medication in their treatment helped stave off dependency on prescribed opioids. Statistics show that 1 out of every 10 cancer patients develop some sort of dependency on the opiods they are prescribed. This of course has much further reaching implications in the nationwide debate over the opioid epidemic that is claiming 116 lives everyday from lethal overdoses. For some reason there are still questions as to whether marijuana can help combat the problem or is instead a contributing factor.


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is Attacking Pharmaceutical Companies for Obstructing Marijuana Legalization

In a related story, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand publicly reprimanded the pharmaceutical industry late last week on Good Day New York for obstructing efforts to deschedule marijuana for research purposes and legalizing it nationwide. She also recently cosponsored the Marijuana Justice Act which would legalize marijuana nationwide.


Federal Judge Passes Off Decision to Deschedule Marijuana to the DEA

In another story, Federal Judge Hellerstein felt he had no choice but to throw out the lawsuit filed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the DEA by a number of medical marijuana patients including Alexis Bortell, a young girl that has found relief from her epileptic seizures through the use of CBD oil, and Jose Belen, a combat veteran that uses cannabis to help his PTSD condition. The judge felt the lawsuit was outside of his jurisdiction and that it needs to be brought before the DEA which is the agency that determines the federal scheduling of drugs. Federal Judge Hellerstein did express his regret at the decision though.


President Trump Wants Duterte Death Squads Here in U.S. for Drug Dealers

President Trump’s stance on the legalization of marijuana has not been entirely clear since he took office even though on the campaign trail he did claim to support state’s rights to decide. Since then he put one of marijuana’s largest opponents, Jeff Sessions, in the attorney general seat. A recent report from the website Axios claimed that some anonymous source close to the president told them that behind closed doors the president likes to joke about murdering drug dealers and about the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte death squads that have murdered over 7,000 people on the streets of the Philippines for supposedly participating in the drug trade. While the report cannot be confirmed, it does cause further concern that the marijuana legalization movement is unlikely to receive any support from President Trump.

Link: Sessions’s Very Own Strain of Marijuana!

And finally, on yet another related note, Jeff Sessions has won the privilege of having a marijuana strain named after him. Jeff Sesh-ons is a strain engineered by the Denver based dispensary Medicine Man and is a play on the urban abbreviation sesh, as in let’s go have a sesh.


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