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Top Six Torches For Getting Your Dab On

Some Of The Best Dabbing Tech Out There For Enthusiasts

Dabbing cannabis concentrates can be one of the most effective and efficient methods available for getting high very quickly. With a little concentrate and some heat, marijuana lovers are able to blast off into outer space via the particularly potent highs one can achieve via this method. With dabbing’s growing popularity in mind, check out this list of six awesome torches for those marijuana enthusiasts that would prefer to use concentrates but don’t have a dab rig or electronic nail as of yet and are in the market for something simple that they can use.

While not exactly an inexpensive method for consuming cannabis, with torches that range in costs from around $30 to close to $500 for some of the more advanced options, these six items are a great investment for first timers or for those searching for the latest and greatest dabbing technology that’s out there today. Be sure to follow the link below for the full list of these primo torches that’ll get you lit in no time and please dab responsibly!

Blazer Big Shot (MSRP $89.95)

Top Six Torches For Getting Your Dab On

If you’re a moderate to heavy consumer in search of a reliable dab torch, the Blazer Big Shot is the best value for your money, plain and simple. Not only is it incredibly durable but it also holds a much larger amount of butane than other torches on the market – which means less refilling and more dabbing. The Big Shot has an easy-to-use ignition system that produces a flame that works in virtually every environment. What more could you ask for in a torch?

The Big Shot is handcrafted in Japan and has a very sturdy and comfortable feel when holding it. The stainless-steel nozzle hides a brass anti-flame ignition kit that produces a mighty flame in any weather, blazing out at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (careful, the nozzle can get rather hot during use). When you’re not using the Big Shot, its extra broad base keeps it upright but will detach if it needs to go into storage. Overall, the Blazer Big Shot is an excellent torch that is worth the few extra bucks for people who are serious about dabbing.


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