Top 10 Best Stand-Up-Comedy Routines About Marijuana

Stand up comedy is among the first voices in American Society to poke fun at the failure of the drug war, and begin supporting the pro-marijuana movement. Sure, much of it is for the sake of comedy, but embeded within these ‘nuggets’ of laughter, there is inklings of hard truth about marijuana, which is being proven by science today.

In no way is this a complete list, and it is in no particular order – but get ready to laugh and have your mind blown by some of history’s greatest comedians


1. Robin Williams – Alcohol / Marijuana


2. Dave Chappelle – Why I Stopped Smoking Weed….


3. Doug Stanhope – Medicinal Marijuana




4. Doug Benson – Anti-Pot Commercial



5. Kat Williams – Weed





6. Steve Martin – I used to Smoke Marijuana



7. Louis C.K.  –  Marijuana



8. Lewis Black – The Legalization of Pot



9. Chris Rock – Drugs



10. Bill Maher – Drugs



10a. George Carlin – Toledo Window Box




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