The Washington Post Editorial Board Says “No” To Marijuana

The Washington Post’s editorial has taken its own stand on marijuana–and they want everyone to know they’re against it. In the editorial, the publication voiced its opposition for Initiative No. 71, which appears on ballots in Washington DC in November.
The editorial said, “But the rush to legalize marijuana gives us — and we hope voters — serious pause. Marijuana, as proponents of legalization argue, may or may not be less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, both legal, but it is not harmless. Questions exist, so it would be prudent for the District not to make a change that could well prove to be misguided until more is known. Foremost here are the experiences and lessons learned by states that have opted for legalization.”

The editorial also talked about increased rates of “stoned driving” in Colorado, studies have shown that the reason the number of drivers who test positive for weed is up is because drug tests only detect marijuana’s chemical residue—which can stay in a user’s system for days or weeks—instead of actual inebriation. Fatalities on Colorado’s highways are actually down this year from a 13-year average.

TheWashington Post did support DC’s young marijuana decriminalization law, which changed possession of one ounce or less from a criminal charge to a civil offense payable by a $25 fine, but that’s about as much support for legalization that the paper gave up. It also voiced its concern that marijuana is a “gateway” to harder drugs, a statement that has been debunked over the past 15 years.

 If marijuana is legalized in Washington DC, people would be allowed to possess up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use for people 21 and over, home cultivation of as many as six cannabis plants, and the permission to transfer as much as one ounce—without payment—to another consenting adult. One exception is  that it wouldn’t create a regulated and taxed retail market like Colorado’s.

Polling done by the paper in January showed that 63 percent of DC residents favor legalization, which would make it a sure thing in the upcoming November elections.


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Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe is a 14-year veteran of the financial sector with licenses as a commodity broker (Series 3) and investment advisor representative (IAR Series 65). Along with a focus on raising capital for the firms he was employed with, he also wrote and edited much of the content published by them. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts. He has been a longtime advocate for marijuana legalization due to the social injustices associated with marijuana prohibition and the strong potential for the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

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