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The Plastic Problem By Christine Sclafani | | Marijuana News, Cannabis Culture

The Plastic Problem

Christine Sclafani breaks down all of the plastic packaging that the cannabis industry uses. The cannabis industry may end up being the largest user of plastic packaging in the country. Please comment below if you have any ideas of how the cannabis industry could solve its plastic issue.

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According to Plastic Oceans International, of the 300 million pounds of plastic the world produces each year, half of it is disposable after one use. Have you thought about all of the plastic currently being used in the legal cannabis industry?

This is Christine Sclafani for The National Marijuana News and I can’t help but think that the cannabis industry should feel obligated to stay environmentally friendly. Forget about the fact that we store pre-rolled joints in doob tubes, what about the plastic that flower or pens gets stored in? Think about the child-proof packaging that most states mandate and that any cannabis product needs to go in after the purchase is made.

It is amounting to a lot of plastic and before long the cannabis industry may end up being the largest user of plastic packaging in the country. It’s understandable that many cannabis producers and dispensaries do not have massive budgets in this developing industry and that plastic is the most affordable option. But wouldn’t it be smarter to start looking for some more environmentally friendly alternatives now before the plastic issue completely spins out of control? Maybe consumers need to purchase some state approved child-proof packaging that they bring in to the store to get refills.

Dispensaries could offer an additional incentive to get consumers to buy the packaging. Something like that! If you have any ideas on how the marijuana industry can solve its plastic issue, we would love to hear from you down in the comments.

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