The Monica Lewinsky Hybrid Strain

You remember Monica Lewinsky don’t you? She is the woman that testified during the Paula Jones sexual harassment trial against President Bill Clinton where the House of Representatives decided he perjured himself and ended up impeaching him. The Sugarleaf dispensary out of Washington has named a hybrid strain of marijuana after her with a 20% THC content.

Not to say that Monica Lewinsky is symbolic of sex, she has worked hard to affect some really important causes like sexual discrimination and bullying. However, for most people that remember her it is likely because of the famous quote by President Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”

Monica Lewinsky Marijuana Strain

…Ms. Lewinsky just got a cannabis strain named after her in Seattle, WA, where recreational cannabis has been legal for a couple of years.

Since her involvement in the White House scandal, Ms. Lewinsky has been out and about trying to bring attention to various causes such as bullying and sexual discrimination, but this honor was certainly not something she expected.

Monica Lewinsky tweeted to her followers that a cannabis company named Sugarleaf has created a strain of marijuana named after her. The strain has over 20% THC contents!

Ms Lewinsky doesn’t admit to smoking or going with the program, as she simply pointed her Twitter followers towards this intriguing find.

Or, perhaps it’s an elaborate promotion strategy, who knows.

Sugarleaf may have come up with the idea of naming a strain after Monica Lewinsky and giving it a high THC content because there are some correlation studies between sex and marijuana. The human body produces phytocannabinoids naturally during sexual encounters and some believe that cannabis use enhances sexual experience. There are many people that Sugarleaf could have named the strain after then, whether Monica Lewinsky was the best choice will have to be seen. Can you see yourself sampling the Monica Lewinsky strain?

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