The Cannabis Inhaler Everyone Will Settle For

Once upon a time, recreational marijuana users just liked to get stoned. However, times are changing and as cannabis becomes more mainstream we are seeing a shift in consumer sentiment. Microdosing is the newest trend where people consume just enough marijuana to reap its benefits without going overboard. Business professionalsCannabis Inhaler Everyone Will Settle that needed to abstain entirely from the marijuana indulgences they once enjoyed, have now found a way to reintroduce cannabis into their lives through microdosing. Medical marijuana patients that suffer through chronic pain or anxiety, now use cannabis microdosing as therapy. The business industry has caught onto this trend and now a cannabis inhaler has been invented to take exact dosing measurements.

In recreational weed states, there are still those that like to really indulge in recreational marijuana. For most people though, the cannabis inhaler created by AltMed allows proponents of cannabis to still reap its benefits while staying productive. Microdosing is something that people will happily settle for. What has your experiences been with microdosing?

Praise for microdosing – the cannabis consumption method that involves ingesting the least amount of THC possible while still benefiting from the medicine – only seems to be growing louder by the minute.

It only makes sense, then, that more and more products aimed at optimizing the practice are hitting the market. After all, it’s tricky to know exactly how much THC you’re ingesting in one bite of an infused cookie or one puff of a joint.

Enter the MüV Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) from Florida-based cannabis company AltMed, which claims to be the ideal option for those seeking to microdose their medicine.

While there’s nothing particularly new about cannabis inhalers, there is something special about AltMed’s take on the system, marketing director Todd Beckwith tells Civilized.

“There are a couple other [products in the same vein] out there, but I’d really consider them oral sprays rather than inhalers,” says Beckwith.

“What makes the MDI unique is that… we use what’s called a next generation impactor, which is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for inhalable products to evaluate and optimize the particle size of our formulation.”

Beckwith explains that – similarly to an inhaler used for asthma – if the particle size of the cannabis-based formulation is too large, it will be “incredibly harsh” on the back of your throat and cause soreness. If the particle size is too small, on the other hand, it won’t be properly absorbed into the lungs.

“Finding that optimal size where it’s not harsh but it’s also getting absorbed into the lungs and having maximum bio-availability is really the special sauce in our product,” says Beckwith.

Beckwith says the MüV MDI – which is available as a 500 mg THC formulation or a 500mg 1:1 CBD/THC formulation – is perfect for those looking to microdose their cannabis because it gives patients the power to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies with each use. It pumps four milligrams of an active cannabinoid dose into your system with each inhalation.

“The metered dose lets you know that with each actuation, you’re getting three milligrams of the active ingredient,” he says, adding that the product’s familiar format makes it ideal for those who may need to medicate multiple times throughout the day in potentially unfamiliar environments.

“Inhalable products are this sort of acceptable medical delivery method, in that people are familiar with albuterol so it’s not something new they have to learn [how to use],” says Beckwith.

“It’s also very discrete and something you can easily carry around, so you can microdose as needed throughout the day without drawing attention to yourself with smoke or odour. It just makes it easier for patients to medicate.”

While legal stipulations keep Beckwith from recommending the MüV MDI for specific medical conditions, he says it’s geared toward “the patient who wants discretion, the patient who’s looking for the most instantaneous relief possible, and the patient who wants to measure their dosage.”

“Inhalation is one of the most effective means [of cannabis consumption],” says Beckwith. “Due to our product’s formulation having better than 85 percent bioavailability, it’s going to be very fast-acting.”

Beckwith expects to see demand for these kinds of products grow as the cannabis market matures in Florida and beyond.

“Most markets start off very flower-focused,” he says. “As the market matures and patients become more educated, however, they start looking for alternative delivery methods.”

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