Talking To Your Family About Weed

Tired of hiding your weed use from the fam or just want to be honest from the start? Check out the below video for recommendations on how to talk to your family about weed over the holidays. Have you ever discussed weed with family before? Let us know how it went in the comments!

There are plenty of medical, social, scientific, and economic reasons to support cannabis — here’s how you can discuss them over the holidays.

Holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means dealing with family members whose views and values may be opposed to your own. After sitting down to holiday dinner next to your pro-Trump uncle, you may feel the need to sneak off for a toke to chill out. But now that public opinion about cannabis is finally becoming more positive, perhaps now’s the time to be honest with your family about your own cannabis use.

Cannabis is currently legal for medical or recreational purposes in twenty-nine U.S. states as well as the nation’s capital, and recent polls have shown that a growing majority of Americans support legalization. Regardless, it’s likely that you may have family members who still cling to myths that smoking pot will turn you into a failed burnout or a crazed criminal. Fortunately, science is on your side: there is a wealth of hard medical evidence disproving many common cannabis myths.

Right on time for Thanksgiving, MERRY JANE News has prepared a guide to help you broach the subject of ganja with any closed-minded kin or guests. Just follow these simple recommendations and you’ll be armed with all the info you need to refute any argument your prohibitionist relatives can dream up.

How to Talk to Your Family About Cannabis – Culture | MERRY JANE

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