Support your local marijuana farm: Should the cannabis industry should resemble the wine business?

November 2016 is a huge election. Voters in 12 states, currently, will decide on whether medical marijuana is right for their state. With a state legislated medical marijuana program, it opens the doors for new investors, growers, packagers and other ancillary businesses to help support the cannabis industry. Each state is different and has it’s own personality and that is reflected in the branding of products and the lingo associated with what people call their cannabis.

If voters decide that medical marijuana is best for their state, there is an argument to help keep business within state lines. People in Michigan want to be able to support Michigan grown marijuana and the same applies to Massachusetts medical marijuana and for any other state.  In a free market, small growers have the opportunity to build their brands, but the harsh reality is that there are large scale cannabis companies from the great american west that have already figured out the best cannabis for patients. There will always be a fight on commerce level, but just like any retail supply chain, the customers move the market and customers will always want to try the name brands, especially when their favorite country music star or hip hop mogul has stamped their name on it.

Do you support small business or big cannabis?


In November, voters in as many as 12 states will see a marijuana legalization initiative on their ballots. Marijuana is already legal for recreational use in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, DC. Support your local marijuana farm: Why the weed industry should resemble the wine business

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