Seeing marijuana through the haze of lies and debunking myths

The idea that marijuana is a gateway drug is becoming less and less effective for an advertising strategy for the government. Even though the DEA decided not to reclassify marijuana in 2016, there were a few major doors that were opened. Now that we have access to information readily at our fingertips and success stories surfacing about medical cannabis, the industry needs to debunk some of the myths that are associated with marijuana.

Even though it was a 45 year old advertising campaign in the past 3 years, the people of the world have decided to legalize medical marijuana on a state level. The state legislation is having a domino effect, where this source estimates that 35-40 states will have some form of legalization by the end of 2017.

Some of the industry growth pains exist from pharmaceutical companies that are losing revenue due to people turning to cannabis and most insurers have chosen to charge extra premiums to cannabis users. Some states have entangled gun rights into the mix as well. One thing that will drive the industry growth, despite some of the larger obstacles will be the debunking myths. Once the myths are debunked and marijuana goes mainstream, a new world of opportunities will exist for businesses in the cannabis industry.

Have you heard some of the myths and propaganda? If so, let us know in the comments the wildest myth you have heard.


(Photo: Shutterstock) Bucklin said that the DEA will not schedule marijuana in 2016, and anticipates that 35 to 40 states could legalize it by 2017. Seeing marijuana through the haze of myths

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