Second Largest Month In Colorado’s Retail Cannabis History

June 2016 was the second largest month in Colorado’s retail cannabis history with $112 million in dispensary sales, a 31-percent increase over June 2015. The adult-use channel drove the growth, rising 47 percent to $74 million. Medical outlets grew 8 percent to $38 million, but all of that dollar growth came from a 9-percent average selling price increase as medical units declined 0.5 percent.

Concentrates again set the pace for growth, rising 73 percent over June 2015 across both channels to take a 24-percent share of total sales, up from 18-percent share last June. Edibles climbed 53 percent to 13-percent share, while flower sales increased 14 percent and dropped 8 points of share to 56 percent.

Year to date through June, total sales rose 35 percent compared to the same six months in 2015, to $598 million, putting Colorado’s fastest growing industry on pace to reach $1.35 billion in 2016. Adult-use dispensary sales climbed 50 percent year to date while medical outlets rose 15 percent.

Retail sales volume and change from June 2015 to June 2016:

Flower: $62.6M +14{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
Pre-Rolls: $5M +64{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}


Concentrates: $26.4M +73{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Live Resin: $2.7M +61{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Prefilled Cartridges: $6.4M +64{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Shatter: $6.7M +96{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Wax: $4.1M +64{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}


Edibles: $14.3M +53{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Beverages: $1.0M +56{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Candy: $6.0M +79{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Chocolates: $2.7M +5{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
     •  Infused Foods: $1.3M +32{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd}
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