Rosie O’Donnell To Lose Custody of Her Child, After Testing Positive For Marijuana



We’ve heard this story a lot over the past few months – however, it hasn’t happened to a mainstream celeb….until now.

Rosie has been quietly known to use marijuana, and after her divorce became a reality, she knew that it would be risky for her to continue to smoke if she wanted custody of her daughter, Dakota.

However Rosie didn’t realize that marijuana stays in ones system for several months, so in her follicle test, they found traces of THC, and Rosie may not be able to see her child as a result.

Hopefully Rosie and her fame can use this opportunity to show the world the injustice of taking someones child away if they have used marijuana.


SF Gate / Smell The Truth Reports:

Rosie O’Donnell’s ongoing custody battle may have gone to pot.

The comedian and TV show host has been mired in a heated divorce with her ex-wife Michelle Rounds, who has accused O’Donnell of “excessive use of booze and weed.”

Despite a ruling that she would not have to submit to a drug test, O’Donnell agreed to a hair follicle test to prove her worthy as a mother for their adopted two-year-old daughter Dakota, reports RadarOnline.

Unfortunately, O’Donnell didn’t realize that THC can stay in your system for several months.

“It came back positive for drugs,” an insider told RadarOnline. “When Rosie found out, she was furious!”

“She’s been trying to hide her drug use for a long time, and she didn’t realize that marijuana stays in your system for a number of months.”

The results are expected to be revealed during the embroiled couple’s next court appearance on Wednesday.

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  3. You fail to give details regarding whether this is a federal thing or state. This would be interesting because I saw a blurb speculating that it was because of her outspoken opinion that it was a fraud. Of course we all know it was a fraud, but for a celebrity to be making this claim on public media might well have brought a response like this…your article is too weak

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