Ricky Williams Releases His Own Cannabis Brand in California

When they write my obit, I want it to talk about the people I’ve touched and the lives I’ve changed. The last line might say, ‘He played football.'

Ricky Williams is one of the real figureheads of the cannabis community and now he has released his own cannabis brand in California called RW. Ricky is going through somewhat of a metamorphosis as he works to change his image from a controversial ex-football star to a person known for healing and how he has changed people’s lives positively.

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The soft spoken yet eloquent Ricky Williams is a true warrior for the medicinal benefits of cannabis. He has sacrificed hundreds of thousands of dollars to NFL fines for his consumption of cannabis while playing and faced ridicule by the NFL all the while dazzling fans with his tremendous athletic talent. He is ready to move away from the Heisman Trophy winning Ricky Williams to the one that has focused on herbal remedies and passing his knowledge on to the public.

“Single herbs are never given alone to treat a condition,” Williams explains. “Herbal formulations are the best treatments and ameliorate side effects of any of the individual herbs.”

The real promise of marijuana’s rise is the potential for a reemergence of herbalism, Williams said. In his ongoing studies of Chinese herbalism, he’s encountering formulas created over 2,000 years ago that are still in use today.

“But ask any layperson about herbalism and they don’t know anything because it originates in another culture and they’re accustomed to pharmaceuticals.”

In approaching wellness, Williams hasn’t turned his back on athletics, and RW’s Sport line includes a high-CBD tonic with cinnamon bark, hook vine, licorice and white peony, which increase blood flow and enhance focus, according to the company. Postgame, Maintenance and Repair Salve combos CBD with arnica, calendula, camphor oil, cayenne and St. John’s Wart to rejuvenate muscles and joints.

“The athlete that eats healthier performs better,” he says. “Natural herbs aren’t drugs, but, for instance, there are herb formulations to help build muscle.”

Marijuana news is often strife with political and legal conflict which seems a barrier to the heart of what true cannabis enthusiasts are reaching for; the properties of cannabis that can improve our quality of life. For Ricky Williams, the medicinal benefits of cannabis could not have been more apparent and he now wants to break through the marijuana stigma and show the world the true benefits of herbal medicine.

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