Recreational Marijuana on Hold, Decision expected to be Made on June 20

Less than two weeks before the first planned sale of recreational marijuana in Nevada and the state is no closer to its first sale.

Legal arguments continue in Northern Nevada where a judge is weighing an argument over distribution.

The other side: Liquor distributors who believe they should have the exclusive right to distribute the drug. Their argument is that the law Nevadans voted for was to regulate marijuana like alcohol which means distribution should be handled in the same way.

Their argument was compelling enough to put licensing on hold while the courts decided how to proceed.

After a busy day in court Monday, no decision was made.

State Senator Tick Segerblom believes sales will still begin on July 1, telling us “let’s worry about who wins but not stop the process. we can start the first and accommodate whoever we need to accommodate.”

A decision is expected to come on Tuesday.



Despite legal challenge, marijuana industry wants July 1 launch in Nevada

Judge halts state application process for recreational marijuana in Nevada

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