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‘Rawkin Juice’ To Begin Selling CBD Smoothies!

California Smoothie Shops Look To Enter The Cannabis Market

California’s Rawkin Juice, well known for their healthy and organic line of smoothies and various other drinks, will be partnering with CW Hemp of Colorado on a deal that would see CW Hemp’s CBD extracts sold at their California locations! CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana which can be used to successfully treat a number of different conditions ranging from anxiety to chronic pain issues without getting you high. Since it does not have the psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis as a whole, it is seen as an excellent alternative for those seeking out the very specific effects of CBD on their own.

Patrons in the participating areas will now have a tasty and healthy option for obtaining and consuming their CBD once the products are rolled out. Rawkin Juice has confirmed that their Burbank store will serve as the testing grounds for their new venture into the cannabis world with plans on expanding to more California locations to follow in the near future.

Check out the link below for more details on this exciting partnership!

Colorado’s CW Hemp just inked a deal to sell their high-CBD whole plant hemp extracts at California organic-vegan food, juice and smoothie powerhouse Rawkin Juice, according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings made Friday by Rawkin’s Miami-based parent company Hip Cuisine Inc..

The arrangement marks the continued expansion of Colorado Springs-based CW Hemp’s retail web, which spans 1,000-plus locations including natural grocers, sports nutrition shops, cannabis dispensaries, chiropractic offices and juice bars.

Hip Cuisine officials are constantly on the lookout for new ingredients or emerging brands that complement the company’s focus on healthy foods, said Frank Gillen, Hip Cuisine’s administrator whose wife started the vegan-friendly company in Panama. When he started researching the nutritional chart for non-psychoactive CBD, Gillen said he was intrigued by the potential role the compound could play in aiding pain relief and anxiety reduction.

“It wasn’t really the market” or the advancement of cannabis legalization laws,” Gillen told The Cannabist. “It was more the nutritional benefits and research that’s being done on what cannabinoids can do as part of your health and nutrition.”


CBD blending in at juice and smoothie bars, including Rawkin Jucie

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