Proactive Students of Ohio Learning About Marijuana Industry For Many Reasons

HempStaff of Florida Hosted Classes Last Week For Interested Students

cannabis news, marijuana legalization, jeff sessions marijuanaOhio’s medical marijuana program has been a long time in coming. Voters tried to push through legislation in 2015 which failed and then a restrictive medical marijuana program was approved by voters in 2016. Since then many bureaucratic challenges have slowed the implementation of the program, but patients are expected to be able to access medical cannabis come September.

It is clear now that marijuana legalization is not going away in the United States despite the best efforts of opponents like Jeff Sessions and Scott Pruitt. Students of Ohio are realizing the opportunities that exist in a new uncharted industry and so many attended classes last week hosted by a Florida based company, HempStaff. Florida also approved a medical marijuana program in 2016 but product became available to patients in early 2017.

The younger generation has many reasons for wanting to participate in the cannabis industry. Some are in it for their love of cannabis, some to help people with the medicinal side of marijuana, others are looking into it simply for the business opportunity it represents.

“It’s imperative that they do understand it collectively, if they don’t they can potentially give the cardholder the wrong advice on the purchase of a particular product,” said Rosie Yagielo, HempStaff President and Co-Founder.

“I’m not particularly passionate about the medical marijuana industry,” said Tyler Engel, student. “I’m here for professional development, just to add another certification to my resume.”

“I think that it has a lot of medical benefits and have seen the benefits in one of my friend’s child who has seizures,” said Lisa Fulton, student. “I’m kind of a go-with-the-flow type of chick, so I just want to see where life takes me. I don’t have a plan at this moment.”

“I’m hoping just to get more of the general management aspect, whether it be in a dispensary or even a grow facility,” said Cavan Hartline, student.

Ohio actually decriminalized possession of 100 grams or less of marijuana back in 1975. The medical marijuana program the state is putting in place is similar to Florida’s in that selections will be comprised of mostly vaping concentrates and topicals, neither state permits smoking of marijuana though there is a pending lawsuit in Florida that could change that.


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