Jeff Sessions: ‘Medical Marijuana Has Been Hyped, Maybe Too Much’


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions took a hard-line stance against medical marijuana on Wednesday, telling reporters that use of the drug for medicinal purposes “has been hyped, maybe too much.”

Sessions, who has worried pro-pot advocates and states where marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational use, made the comments after addressing law enforcement officials in Richmond, Virginia.

In a speech to the officials, which focused on ways to combat violent crime, Sessions said one of the steps to improve public safety is to ensure citizens don’t start taking drugs in the first place.

“I realize this may be an unfashionable belief in a time of growing tolerance of drug use.  But too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable.  I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store,” the attorney general said. “And I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana – so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that’s only slightly less awful.  Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life.”





  1. Jeff you idiot, talk with your boss about this. Your ideas are insane and go against the will of the people of the United States of America is case you forgot where you are. The majority of the people of this country want cannabis to be legalized. It has been put to congress and there are several bills to that effect.
    Your prejudice over science will not be allowed. You evil gnome.

  2. Ashley Roachclip on

    What an ingnoramus you are Jeff Sessions. You will be defeated. All American children know more than you do concerning Cannabis, you cannot stop the flood of truth that has become infinite. Fuck you you filthy pig.

  3. chris furney on

    Too much hype? Well then, let’s see the unbiased, forthright believeable government studies on the subject. Oh- there aren’t any government studies, because the government has supressed research like a frightened housewife since the 30’s.
    “Only a Nazi burns a book.”

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