Painkiller Overdose Deaths Fall 25% In States that have Legal Marijuana

Data is starting to emerge from studies that have been done over the past few years in regards to pharmaceutical painkiller deaths in states that have legalized marijuana. A 25% reduction in overdoses gives the advocates something to cheer and the pharmaceutical industry something to jeer at. There are currently a few companies who are targeting big pharma with products that contain cannabis for treating epilepsy and other debilitating diseases, but the FDA works slowly on the approvals process.

In all states that have legalized medical marijuana, there has been a twenty five percent reduction in deaths related to the overdose of legally prescribed painkillers.

There is still heated controversy in the United States about whether or not marijuana should be legalized for recreational use, let alone medicinal purposes. After reviewing a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2014, you’ll likely agree that it’s much safer for cannabis to be doled out than most prescription opioids.

“The difference is quite striking,” said Colleen Barry, the study’s co-author and health policy researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, to Newsweek.

The physician believes that the states that have legalized medical marijuana are more likely to actively treat and help prevent addiction. In his mind, this is a far more likely scenario for the decrease in overdose deaths.


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