Online Cannabis Searches, Legalized Pot Has Everyone Rethinking Marijuana

It is only logical to think that with the state legalization of marijuana spreading, perspectives on marijuana would change. Evidence of those shifts in perspective may be found through online cannabis searches. Discovering how people are researching marijuana may allow us to project the future of cannabis and how it will mix into societies going forward.

One of the most interesting differences is that there seems to be a rise in people associating the word cannabis with the plant more than the word marijuana. The scientific names for the three species of marijuana are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. As more research is conducted on cannabis and we discover its medical properties, perhaps searches for cannabis means that people are thinking more critically about the plant rather than using the jargon that 100 years of prohibition has generated.

We ommitted the words “weed” and “pot” as they are involved in too many non-marijuana searches.

United States Marijuana or Cannabis Searches?

The states with the closest ratios of cannabis to marijuana in search are: Oregon (1.6 times as many searches for marijuana to cannabis), Washington (1.75), California (1.9), New Mexico (2), Alaska (2.1), Colorado (2.4), Maine (2.46) and Massachusetts (2.85), so legalization seems to correlate with increased use of the word “cannabis.”

That trend holds true, for our neighbors to the north, where “cannabis” is coming on strong in anticipation of next year’s legalization:

Canada Marijuana or Cannabis Searches?

Medical Marijuana

Worldwide Searches for Medical Marijuana or Cannabis

Vaping vs Edibles

Vaping vs Edibles Online Searches

Vaping or Bongs

Vaporizers, Vape Pens or Bongs Online Searches

Obviously, health is a major concern of consumers these days. The internet has allowed people to seek out consumer reviews more readily and we therefore have seen the amount of cigarette smokers decline. It is now well established that smoking in general is not good for our lungs, therefore the use of vaporizers is becoming more popular although smoking joints or smoking marijuana out of pipes, bongs or even dabbing are still extremely popular forms of consuming cannabis.

Many people may have assumed that cannabis would fit into a similar niche as alcohol once it became accepted nationwide. Instead with the birth of medical marijuana, cannabis is becoming a pain killer and an anti-depressant, along with being a commodity for recreational use. Will marijuana end up in our medicine cabinets or be mingled in with the alcohol in our liquor cabinets?

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