NY Medical Marijuana Company To Roll Out Home Delivery Service In Five Boroughs

Home delivery of medical marijuana is about to be delivered to the five boroughs.

Vireo Health, one of the five licensed pot growers in New York, plans to begin a home delivery service in the city, Long Island and Westchester within the next 90 days, the company announced Wednesday.

“New Yorkers have increasingly come to expect home delivery and we plan on leveraging ‘last mile’ supply chain technologies to meet and exceed patient expectations,” said Vireo Chief Executive Officer Ari Hoffnung.

State health officials first announced plans to allow home delivery of medical marijuana in August as part of a gradual expansion of the tightly regulated program, which launched in January of 2016.

Vireo, which also operates dispensaries in Queens and White Plains, is the first of the growers to receive approval for home delivery.

“This is another step in the department’s implementation of the recommendations in the two-year report on New York’s Medical Marijuana program, in recognition of the fact that in many cases patients with serious health conditions cannot leave their homes and have difficulty accessing medical marijuana products,” the Health Department said in a statement.


Vireo officials said “numerous measures” will be taken to ensure safety and security. The deliveries will be handled by at least two employees and company-owned delivery vehicles will be outfitted with GPS-tracking and other safety devices.

“Home delivery will not only help us to improve upon current services, but also expand our reach to those patients who are unable to travel,” said Dr. Stephen Dahmer, Vireo Health’s Chief Medical Officer.

Vireo said it will announce further details, including pricing, in the coming weeks.

Certified marijuana patients or family members of patients can sign-up for home delivery program updates by visiting:


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