New York Proposal Aims to Allow Medical Marijuana in Schools for Children

New York is deciding how to handle the idea of medical marijuana in schools. There are students who are currently using cannabis as medicine for a number of debilitating diseases. This has advocates cheering, the industry cheering and the naysayers jeering. If a child is using medical marijuana to control their seizures, is it fair to deprive that child of their medicine? If a child is an asthmatic and you deny that child their inhaler, is it the same scenario? Let us know what you think in the comments.

FOX NEWS – New York is considering a proposal that would allow schools to “possess, secure and administer medical marijuana products under limited circumstances.” The controversial proposal was part of a dozen recommendations from the state’s health department, which also included allowing nurse practitioners to certify patients for the medical pot, approving five additional marijuana growers over the next two years and adding “chronic intractable pain” to the list of conditions approved for marijuana use, The Daily News reported.

Advocates claim this could significantly improve access to the drug for seriously ill children who are unable to take the substance at schools because of the current law. Opponents, like New York State Sen. Marty Golden, however, are not convinced. On “Fox and Friends Weekend” today, Golden said that 25 states currently have medical marijuana, but this is the first year that any states will allow the drug in schools. He said that he strongly opposes New York joining Colorado, Maine, New Jersey and Washington in allowing schools to administer medical marijuana, arguing that it raises more problems than solutions.

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