Meet Scott Chipman – Founder of ‘Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana’

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He would rather have his kids smoke cigarettes than marijuana.

He believes that dispensaries are only attended by stoner kids on skateboards

These and many other outrageous claims were made by scott Chipman in our interview with him.

Scott has recently gotten some press on NBC San Diego where he was interviewed about a new marijuana delivery app.

“If you want medical marijuana delivered to your home, now there is an app for that.

The new smartphone application Eaze delivers medical marijuana to a user’s home, but it has some critics questioning their methods.

On Tuesday, the company moved from one market to four. Eaze now operates in the Bay area, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.”

NBC News video (see below for our interview with him)

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TNM News Reports


Here is part 2




  1. Mike clabaugh on

    Leagalizing marijuana is a BENEFIT TO HUMANS AND FIGHTING OVER 700 DISEASES, it helps with chronic pain and suffering from a wide range of problems. How can you be against God and Mother earth.
    Smoke a joint the next time you have a headache and see the benefits.

  2. Thank you for taking a stand against legalizing Marajuana. Unfortunately those who use it for recreational use have disrespected the laws and use the medicinal use card as a way out for their justification or personnel party card. On the other hand those who truly have a severe desease or real medical need and find real benefits have been over shadowed by the recreational users party benefits. I like you believe this will not benefit the state tax coffers, but put a strain on our medical system, traffic accidents and fatalities, encourage MJ users to try the next level of high and their gateway to the next harsher drug for their next high. The criminal activity still associated with this is ridiculous. And as you know the THC content in MJ can’t be meadured, which means users don’t know how stoned they will become and continue to make unrseasionable decisions to drive or make unconscious decisions. Stoned women will leave themselves vulnerable and on and on.

    • Wow! They can’t measure how much THC is in marijuana? This statement alone makes you appear to be very ignorant and uninformed. You should know that the legal dispensaries are required to state the THC and CBD content of all strains of marijuana they sell. In addition, growers have been able to produce strains that are indica, sativa, or a hybrid of both types. Indica strains help with pain, insomnia, appetite, and seizures. They can now produce strains that can help people with hundreds of ailments currently being treated by drugs from the pharmesutical industry. The pharmesutical industry has no desire or reason to see marijuana be even legal and people like you are helping them in their cause. If marijuana became legal across the board in the United States we would see people throwing away their prescriptions (that have tons of horrible side effects) for a God given drug (marijuana) that can provide relief without those side effects. Did you know that marijuana is much safer then alcohol or tobacco but I don’t see anyone pushing for an end to those killers. Do yourself and everyone else a favor. Educate yourself on marijuana and get the facts because when you make a public post as you did that is filled with inaccuracies you are only fueling the cause to keep us bound to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs. Thank you!

    • I agree it can’t be meadured, and it may lead to unrseaionable. You are a blithering idiot, yeah jerkoff it can be “meadured” and is

    • Hey next time you come out and comment on a topic you obviously don’t have any education on, or know the slightest bit about. Do us all including, yourself, and more importantly your family a real big favor and just stop before you start.
      It’s so appearant to the world your a troll, a moron, or working for “the elite”, which makes you both of those things.
      The world knows the benefits far outweigh the risk. So just enough already. It’s common sense that the risk’s involved are extremely low when a natural grown remedy aND medicine is used in place of man Made modern medicine.
      This amazing plant when used correctly can be the key to all illness. It could be and I believe is what will save my mother, my gaurdian angel. From the awful tumor and cancer she so wrongly was given to endure. I know it is, so I’ll fight.
      Educate yourself, please!!! People like you are only helping and aiding to more death of loved ones millions around the world. So if you have any type of conscience or heart. Then next time before you come out with such ridiculous and untrue argument that are straight bullsh. You just remember to count yourself as another murderer that should be put behind bars and be given the cancer. So then you’ll get the seriousness of what destruction you’r really causing.

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