Michigan’s Universal Symbol For All Marijuana Products Containing THC

It kind of Looks Like the Universal Biological Hazard Symbol

A universal symbol that looks sort of like a biological hazard symbol will be on every label of any marijuana product sold out of Michigan that contains THC. Of course THC is the biological compound found in marijuana plants that creates the psychoactive effects, or what many people refer to as getting high.

Universal Biological Hazard Symbol

The Michigan universal symbol for products containing THC is an upside down triangle with a green background and a marijuana leaf inside, so there are some very clear differences from a biological hazard symbol. Any symbol surrounded by a triangle though does caution people to basically stay away, whether it is the high voltage symbol or a generic caution symbol. It makes perfect sense to label products appropriately and cautioning potential consumers about the effects of consuming THC is the responsible thing to do.

The state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs also released details of labeling for medical marijuana products under the state’s “Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act.” Those include date of harvest, other identifying information and concentration of THC.


Michigan first approved medical marijuana in 2008 for a very limited amount of critical conditions, but later revised the list of conditions in 2016 and altered the structure of their medical marijuana program. The new medical marijuana program has been slow in coming but these are sure signs that they are moving along.

Prior to marihuana product being sold or transferred to or by a provisioning center, the container, bag, or product holding the marihuana product must have a label and be sealed with all the following information:

– The name of the licensee and license number of the producer and/or the packager.
– The tag or source number as assigned by the statewide monitoring system.
– The unique identification number for the package or the harvest, if applicable.
– Date of harvest, name of strain, net weight, and concentration of THC or CBD.
– Activation time expressed in words or through a pictogram.
– Name of the safety compliance facility that performed any test, any associated test batch number, and any test analysis date.
– A warning that states the following: “For use by registered qualifying patients only. Keep out of reach of children. It is illegal to
drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of marihuana.”
– The universal symbol published by the department.

A file containing an image of the universal symbol will be provided on the Department’s website. If the plant or product does not meet the definition of “marihuana” as defined in the MMFLA then the universal symbol is not required.


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