Mexico’s Marijuana Policy Moves Ahead of the U.S.

It’s hard to think that with the war on drugs and the challenges Mexico has faced with its illegal marijuana market, that Mexico’s marijuana policy could ever be that progressive. However, it has now surpassed the United States own marijuana policy.

Mexico will soon allow certain marijuana products to be available for sale. While the program is still limited and they plan to import a lot of their marijuana, they will still be moving beyond the United States national marijuana policy that restricts marijuana as if it is one of the worst drugs on the planet.

Mexico will legalize sales of marijuana-based medicines, foods, drinks, cosmetics and other products early next year, its health regulator said on Wednesday, bringing some forms of cannabis into legal commerce even as the country struggles with the illicit drug trade.

Mexico legalized the use of marijuana for medical and scientific needs in June but has maintained a ban on recreational use and cultivation.

Arturo Tornel, spokesman for health regulator Cofepris, said that the agency plans to formally publish the regulation for pot-based goods within days, allowing those items to enter the Mexico market as soon as a month later.

He added that Cofepris expects distributors and retailers to import the items, with some companies eventually producing items in Mexico using marijuana grown abroad. The regulation does not apply to sales of pure marijuana.

It does not seem like the United States will ever come around on marijuana sometimes, especially with out neighbors to the north and south moving past our own policies. If Mexico can become more progressive towards cannabis, then why can’t the U.S.?

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