Melissa Etheridge Busted For Weed At Border

Singer/songwriter, Melissa Etheridge, was arrested for marijuana possession this past August after her tour bus was stopped in North Dakota by U.S. customs. She claims that the herb was being used to treat the lasting effects of the chemo-therapy she went through due to bout of breast cancer. Do you agree that she shiuldn’t have been taken in because the weed was for medicinal purposes?

Melissa Etheridge looks really . . . happy . . . in this mugshot from her pot arrest on the US-Canadian border.

Etheridge had been arrested back in August after her tour bus was stopped by US Customs and Border Patrol in North Dakota.

In late September, she issued a statement explaining that she uses medical marijuana to fight her cancer pain.

But while it’s legal in her home state of California, it’s not in North Dakota.

“Because I am a musician, people often assume that I must indulge in the fast-paced life that often comes with playing on the road,” she wrote on newapproachmissouri.com, a medical marijuana advocacy website.

But she saw no appeal in drugs of any kind until her doctors recommended cannabis after her 2004 breast cancer diagnosis.

“It worked even better than they said it would,” wrote Etheridge, adding she continues to use the drug to fight sleeplessness and lasting effects of chemo.

Melissa Etheridge busted for marijuana possession at border | Page Six

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