Meiko Perez & Her Son Joey Started UF4A.org, 15 Minutes After Their Interview On Good Morning America – The Site Now Gets About 1 Million Hits Per Month

Meiko Perez & her Son Joey started UF4A.org, 15 minutes after their interview on Good Morning America – the site now gets about 1 million hits per month.

Listen to the complete interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHF9NMJdbYM&feature=youtu.be

Joey Perez has been dealing with the effects of severe autism since birth. His mother Meiko has discovered a new effective way of improving Joey’s quality of life by using medicinal cannabis oil, and now they are both going to work to make sure that everyone is aware of one of the most effective applications of a drug that is currently federally illegal.

The Mission of The Unconventional Foundation for Autism (UF4A.ORG) is to:

(1) Raise awareness and support for families afflicted with this mysterious and misunderstood condition known as Autism;

(2) To raise funds for medical research and clinical trials (for full disclosure of details on research & trials please contact UF4A Legal Counsel);

(3) To provide functional support of the (IDEA) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to parents in need.

Meiko knew that she wasn’t the only family that could be helped by medical cannabis oil, and she receives hundreds of emails from families around that world that have been educated by UF4A.org.

“I have families from South America, United Kingdom, uh, Australia. Families, we all resonate with the same story. And that’s: we want to provide a better quality of life for our children,” Says Meiko.

Joey’a had spinal fusion surgery in October 2013, along with several complications. He’s now home from the ICU and has made a tremendous recovery thanks to treatment from medicinal cannabis oil.

“You know, I go to the doctor’s now and the Doctor’s like “Is That Joey?” Yeah, that’s Joey. I believe cannabis has played such a large role in his diagnosis.” Explains Meiko

“I actually come from a law enforcement/religious family. And I’m in the legal industry. So this [choosing cannabis] was completely out of my character.”

Meiko is one of the most notable current activists in the medical marijuana movement, her dedication to educating the world professionally and accurately

See below for the transcription of the entire interview with Meiko and Joey Perez.


BRUCE KELLY: Mieko Hester Perez is becoming a household name in the medical marijuana world. Her son Joey has become a shining example of successfully treating autistic children with it. And even has his own strain of the plant called “Joey’s Strain”. Mieko is here on The National Marijuana News to talk about Joey, his struggles, and his incredible achievements. And the future of medical marijuana treatment. Hi Mieko.


BRUCE KELLY: Welcome. Good to have you here today.


BRUCE KELLY: Hello Joey. How are you, bud? Good to meet you. Had you ever heard of marijuana being a helpful drug before it was prescribed to Joey?

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: No. I, um, actually come from a law enforcement/religious family. And I’m in the legal industry. So this was, um, choosing cannabis was completely out of my character.

BRUCE KELLY: In 2009 you started “The Unconventional Foundation For Autism”, an informational site, right?


BRUCE KELLY: That’s UF4A.org.


BRUCE KELLY: Dot org. Tell us about that.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Um, UF4A.org formed 15 minutes after I walked off “Good Morning America”. Um, I knew that I was not the only family in this country who was facing the same issues with our children and that’s, um, prescribing medications that were at the time, and still are, in fact, experimental, used to treat autism symptoms. So, needless to say, that website is still very very…I mean, I believe I get about a million hits a month.


MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: And I have emails.

BRUCE KELLY: And these are from parents and families in somewhat of the same… maybe not the specific areas that Joey is suffering from. But these are all walks of life.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Right. They all fall under the autism umbrella. And it’s not just families in our country. I have families from South America, United Kingdom, uh, Australia. Families, we all resonate with the same story. And that’s: we want to provide a better quality of life for our children.
BRUCE KELLY: Where would Joey have been? Where would he be without the medical marijuana treatment?
MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Joey would probably not be sitting here next to me. And I would probably, aw… be in a straight jacket. At the time, in 2009, when Joey was diagnosed with anorexia and malnutrition, second to his autism, his doctor and I both knew that if we did not act quickly, that Joey would not be able to be here for another six months. So once that I put, we decided, you know, that we were going to do this, I wanted to do this in the best, most appropriate way. You know? We are a family. We have, you know, two other children. I am a citizen. And I have law enforcement in my family. So my decision to come forward…there was a lot more to just me coming forward.

BRUCE KELLY: Have you had parents tell you that what you’re doing is wrong? And that you’re just getting Joey high?

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Here’s the deal. Until you’ve walked in our shoes, your opinions fall. And you know, I can…

JOEY:… momma.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Ok Joey. I can be in a room full of politicians and after that statement, there will be no more words. And that’s the truth. Until you’ve walked in our shoes, until you’ve been in our home, until you’ve experienced the days of your child not sleeping, not eating, like, on the edge, running out of the home, you know. You’re in and out of the school setting because you have to implement an emergency plan at school and at home. And…opinion don’t matter.

BRUCE KELLY: Stay out of the way, is what you’re saying.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Exactly. To this day there’s still no autism expert. And to this day there’s still no child that is alike. So for that very reason, we as parents become the experts.

BRUCE KELLY: This is Mieko Hester Perez and her son Joey. And she is working very hard through her website, UF4A.org, (unintelligible). How’s Joey now and how’s he responding, positively, to the medical treatment?

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: He’s doing very well. Joey has recently…

JOEY: …. mom.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ:… has been in the hospital for the last six months. You would never know it.

JOEY: (unintelligible)

BRUCE KELLY: Joey likes Cheetos!

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: (laughs) he just wants to hold the cup.

BRUCE KELLY: Okay. I’m with him.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: He’s had spinal fusion surgery in October 2013. And we’ve had quite a few complications. So now he’s home and you know, it’s… watching my son be in I.C.U. to what you see today… it’s unbelievable. You know, I go to the doctor’s now and the Doctor’s like “Is That Joey?” Yeah, that’s Joey. I believe cannabis has played such a larger role in his diagnosis.

BRUCE KELLY: Do you ever see a day when you won’t have to worry about Joey being able to take his medicine without legal ramifications?

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Um, you know, we’re working on it. That is my, my goal. My goal is to become one of the decision makers that helps push the research forward. Um, you know, right now there’s no medication used to treat the symptoms of autism. But I can tell you this: every family that contacts me in California or in a “Compassionate State”, through consulting…

BRUCE KELLY: I like that. “Compassionate State”.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: (laughs) Yeah, through the Compassionate States, after, um cannabis is working, similar to every family that has contacted me.

BRUCE KELLY: Are there any other doctors or researchers reaching out to you because of your public appearances? And the success that you’ve had with medical marijuana?

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Yes. Actually, I have 50{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd} parents and 50{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd} physicians that contact me. And I actually have a few healthcare providers who have given up and have said “So we’re sending our family to you”. So I do, I do feel… (laugh)… my time is starting to become very valuable now. And I’m starting to really… this is the… probably the most rewarding thing… this is our purpose. This is why we’re here. Um, you know, when I do get physicians who call me and they get scientific and… you’re talking to a mom. Don’t forget that. You know. But the input that we’re actually able to share together is actually to produce smiles and a better quality of life for children. I recall helping a family here in California. And the mother had placed their child in a facility. And called me the next day. And I was actually able to consult with her. And put her in the right direction. And three days later, she just could not believe it. She couldn’t believe what had happened. The transformation of her daughter. And now she emails me and calls me and her daughter actually thinks that Joey is her personal angel. So, every time that I feel like I’m overworked or I can’t answer an email or there’s a doctor who desperately needs t speak with me, I always remember where I was in 2009.

BRUCE KELLY: You were placed in this position for a reason.

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Yeah. (laughs)

BRUCE KELLY: What touching story do you have about parents or organizations that you’ve helped with your efforts?

MIEKO HESTER PEREZ: Um, you know, I help twice a month. I have two days that I designate to speak with parents. From 5am to 5am the next morning, depending on which time zone you’re in. And, you know, that’s my “paying it forward”. You know? As long as my son is here, as long as he can smile, as long as he wakes up, as long as he can make these sounds… I can help a parent.

BRUCE KELLY: It is just an honor to be able to be in the same room with you.


BRUCE KELLY: …and with Joey. This is Mieko Hester Perez and she has accomplished, as you’ve heard, just a huge amount of progress with her son Joey. If you’d like to learn more about Mieko (and Joey), and get more information on medical marijuana treatment for autism, just go to Mieko’s “Unconventional Foundation For Autism”… at UF4A.org. If you’re listening, it’s U-F-the number 4-then the letter A.org. That’s UF4A.org. Again, thanks for being on The National Marijuana News. Thank you Joey.
JOEY: (unintelligible)

Stay tuned for more of The National Marijuana News…with Bruce Kelly.

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  1. They should stop drugging kids, it’s sad, the poor kid is all drugged out. Just let the kids go natural. If adults want to smoke drugs let them but don’t force it on others.

  2. How come this mother has not had her child taken from him when she publicly and openly admits to having given her son a USA Schedule I narcotic, which according to USA means no medical value and the most dangerous and addictive of drugs???

  3. Sam you ignorant putz. Do you even have children? Well I do. And one of them is severely mentally disabled. She was almost killed by doctors who thought they were helping her by injecting her body with Haldol. She went into retrocollis. Couldn’t breathe. Almost died. Medical cannabis, specifically strains high in CBD, have saved her life. How dare you judge others when you know NOTHING about the pain and suffering of those on the brink of death, or of family members embarked in a battle to literally save their family member’s life with medical cannabis. It’s people like you, Sam, who remind us how cold, apathetic and truly ruthless the human race can be, and guess what, Sam, we aren’t going to tolerate your apathy anymore.

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