Medical Marijuana’s Influence On Music

Weed has long been associated with music. Whether it be jazz, rock or hip hop, marijuana use always seems to be prevalent in the industry. There are some artists that would argue that weed helps with their creative process by heightening their senses or allowing them to be more open with their thoughts and feelings. Would you agree that weed allows for a greater appreciation of music or that it enhances creativity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Many people will say that hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin are not good for you. On the other hand, many people say that marijuana is not the same as the other drugs. They agree that using the drug helps a person become more relaxed while expanding the mind. Medical cannabis is the type of marijuana that is usually prescribed by doctors to their patients. However, the use of marijuana as medicine has been restricted by production and other government regulations.

Cannabis and the Music Industry

The question that many people ask is whether cannabis helps during the creative process during the making of music. Smoking cannabis has been widely accepted in the music industry and it’s seen as a way of socializing. Cannabis is used as a recreational drug. Use of marijuana has been infused into music throughout different generations since the 1970’s. Many musicians say that they experienced clarity of concepts, ideas, and emotions during their creative processes in music. Marijuana has been associated with many types of music from hip-hop, to jazz, to EDM.

Creativity in Songwriting

Also, marijuana is known to make people honest and open. Marijuana makes the act of songwriting for a songwriter more effortless. Some companies, like Elevated, know that marijuana will make a person more creative when it comes to melody and style. Marijuana causes the body to release high levels of the hormone known as dopamine. This hormone enables one to concentrate and thereby thoughts are able to flow more freely. It helps a musician lower self-consciousness while at the same time preserving self-awareness.

Enhances the Listening Experience

One of the benefits of cannabis is heightened senses. Listening to music after smoking marijuana can be very relaxing. It also makes music more enjoyable. Cannabis enhances the listening experience of music. Users say that they become one with whatever music they are listening to. They say that they internalize the music better when they listen to music having smoked marijuana.

A Person Enjoys More from the Same Music

According to scientific research, people that smoke cannabis have a higher sensitivity to higher sound frequencies. This then means that these people listen to music more consciously. They are able to get special information from the music thereby making the music more transparent and recognizable.

Working in the creative industry can take a toll on someone. The success in the industry depends on a person’s ability to come up with creative ideas and campaigns. It also requires one to adapt to many challenges. This then requires that a person is on the edge and go as far their imagination will take them to produce the best work. Most artists that are known to come with the best work smoke marijuana. It can be said therefore that cannabis has had a huge impact on the success that they have had.

How is Medical Cannabis Influencing and Improving Music?

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