Medical Marijuana Stamp on Drivers Licenses?

The domino effect may be officially hitting the nation’s legal marijuana states with the gun debate. Delaware is working on the finer points of its medical marijuana program and the Camden police chief is urging that a medical marijuana stamp be placed on registered medical marijuana users’ drivers licenses.

The medical marijuana stamp would indicate to any gun dealer that the person attempting to purchase a firearm was registered with the state of Delaware’s medical marijuana program, automatically disqualifying them from purchasing a gun. Needless to say, the police chief’s suggestion is drawing a lot of controversial attention.

William Bryson, police chief for the town of Camden and chairman of the Delaware Police Chiefs Council, told a state task force studying legalization issues Wednesday that marijuana users should be required to have an endorsement or certification on their driver’s licenses indicating that they consume cannabis.

Bryson said the proposal would help ensure that users of marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes, are in compliance with federal law, which prohibits marijuana users from owning guns.

“It would make sure that we are doing everything we can to ensure that prohibited people are not buying firearms in Delaware,” he explained after the meeting.

Bryson noted that the federal background check form for gun purchases requires applicants to state whether they unlawfully use marijuana. It also warns them that marijuana use remains unlawful under federal law, regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized by a state.

“Anything we can do to keep the persons that are prohibited from getting the firearms I think is a positive step,” Bryson said of his proposal, which he said arose from “brainstorming” with other police chiefs.

A sort of certification placed on a drivers license indicating the owner is a medical marijuana user is particularly controversial because people are asked to provide identification all of the time and anyone looking at the ID would then know they person was a marijuana user. Do you think people might judge medical marijuana users negatively outside of the purchase of firearms?


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Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe is a 14-year veteran of the financial sector with licenses as a commodity broker (Series 3) and investment advisor representative (IAR Series 65). Along with a focus on raising capital for the firms he was employed with, he also wrote and edited much of the content published by them. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts. He has been a longtime advocate for marijuana legalization due to the social injustices associated with marijuana prohibition and the strong potential for the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

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