Massachusetts Cannabis Cafes Have Been Approved

The state of Massachusetts has done it, they have added rules allowing for the creation of public spaces for marijuana consumers to indulge in marijuana. Massachusetts cannabis cafes very well may be in place this summer when recreational marijuana becomes available for sale.

Massachusetts is even referring to the marijuana bars as cannabis cafes, similar to the terms commonly used to describe the marijuana cafes of Amsterdam. Not only will bar-like establishments be able to serve marijuana but not alcohol, but other establishments, such as spas, will be able to offer marijuana with proper licensing.

The state agency responsible for regulating legalized marijuana approved a policy on Monday that will allow for such establishments, so-called “cannabis cafes,” to open — where one can buy a cannabis product and then legally consume it on the premises, just like buying a drink at a bar.

“The idea of on-site consumption is that people who are using cannabis would have a legal place to do it other than their own home,” said Shaleen Title, a commissioner on the Cannabis Control Commission.

Like bartenders in restaurants in bars, marijuana servers must be trained properly. Such training will focus on helping them identify customers who are too intoxicated to be served more. The commission also agreed that businesses licensed to serve cannabis should not be allowed to serve alcohol.

“There will be a variety of access points for adult consumers beyond the traditional package store model, so it’s transformative across the board,” said Latulippe. “I think we’ll be the first state in the country to offer this, so essentially we will have in place a regulated, safe and controlled system by which to consume cannabis on site and legal businesses.”

Cannabis cafes aren’t the only types of businesses to be licensed. For example, spas will be able to apply for a license so that a massage therapist can offer cannabanoid infused lotions as part of treatment.

Las Vegas, Colorado and California have all discussed creating rules allowing public spaces that would permit marijuana consumption, however none of them have come up with a definitive plan on how to do it. Especially recreational marijuana states like Nevada, where large amounts of consumers are tourists, having a place to legally use cannabis is important. Do you think Massachusetts will set the example on how to permit public marijuana cafes?

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