Marijuana Matters: Legalization for All and Why

States have been given the authority to make their own decisions on whether medical marijuana should be legalized in their state. While this is setting good precedent, it keeps states from conduction interstate commerce. If the medical cannabis market has been established in California since 1996, but is just hitting the ballot for the first time in Massachusetts in 2016, then the patients should have access to the best medicine. If western states set the tone, it should be easier to conduct business across state lines.

One can see the argument for keeping the business and tax money for the state where the business is blooming. However, having national reform and a policy in place will really allow this industry to grow the way it should. The businesses who are doing well in states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington and California wind up setting up camp in the states to license their products to dispensaries. No matter what, if the manufacturer of a marijuana product is doing a great job in the state the started in, it only makes sense to build the brand in other markets.

Having full on nationwide policy reform will allow businesses in the cannabis industry that are setting the bar high on quality, branding and marketing to flourish instead of trying to find a backdoor into a brand new medical state.

After legalization is enacted by voters in several more states, the next big challenge will come when the U.S. Pot Matters: Legalization for All

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