Medical Marijuana Legalization Hits Michigan Supreme Court Due To A No Count

The largest advocacy group in Michigan for the legalization had a victory when they collected over 340,000 signatures for medical marijuana, which was 100,000 more than what they needed. MILegalize overdelivered and the elections officials did not want to hand count the votes because there were too many.

Since they claimed that there were too many for a human to count, MILegalize took the case to the Michigan Supreme Court. Now it will up to a judge to set precedent on whether they even have jurisdiction to make the officials count the votes. It seems like these might be stall tactics to grow the industry in Michigan, but at least the MILegalize advocates have a team of attorneys on their side to try and win for cannabis.

Do you think that 340,000 votes are too many to count or that it was simple stall tactic?


by Rick Thompson LANSING- The Michigan Court of Claims yesterday dropped an Opinion in the MILegalize vs. Everybody lawsuit, and Everybody seemed to be the victor. On to the next step- the Michigan Supreme Court. Marijuana Legalization Hits Michigan Supreme Court

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