Legal Marijuana Advocates Roll 4,200 Joints for Trump Inauguration

A marijuana organization, the D.C. Cannabis Coalition, plans to hand out 4,200 joints for advocates of marijuana law reform. This gesture is a calculated approach to let the Trump administration know, including Jeff Sessions, that the marijuana legalization effort will not fall to new leadership or opposition. The legal marijuana advocates are facing possible arrest because they will be using marijuana on federal property, which is illegal under Washington D.C.’s marijuana policy. The move by the legal marijuana advocates to roll 4,200 joints is a powerful stance as the nation’s most controversial president is taking office.

They then plan to march toward the National Mall and light up at exactly four minutes and 20 seconds into the president-elect’s speech, protesting both the new president and his pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions. Adam Eidinger, the group’s leader and a longtime D.C. activist who has been arrested 19 times for various protests, said the group started planning as soon as Trump announced Sessions as his pick for attorney general. The Alabama senator has been a harsh critic of marijuana users and outspoken against legalization efforts.

Advocates don’t seem phased about the possible consequences from using marijuana in public, on federal property. This shows the immense support from marijuana policy reform advocates and the 4,200 joints is a bold move. Supporters of the movement speak out about what the experience is all about.

“It’s for the Trump era,” Eidinger explained. “The Trump era is beginning that day. Four minutes and 20 seconds in, you’ll know what your other marijuana friends are doing at that moment — they’ll all be blazing.

“We’re going to watch his speech high, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Nevertheless, it’s a long road before they’re prepared. Just days ahead of show time, DCMJ’s kitchen table was still covered with copies of old newspapers while the volunteers ground up weed to pack within translucent rolling papers.

“It’s been overwhelming to see the generosity of people coming forth and willing to give to this cause,” said Rachel Ramone Donlan with a pile of pungent green plant matter in front of her. Donlan came down from Boston to help organize the event.


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