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Majority Of Millennials Consider Cannabis Safer Than Alcohol

New Generation Thinks Using Marijuana Is Better Than Drinking

According to a recent survey by The Tylt, a relatively new polling website geared towards young people, a significant majority of millennials consider consuming cannabis and related products to be safer than drinking alcohol. With close to 88% of respondents stating that they think that marijuana is safer than alcohol and over 85% confirming that they think it is actually good for your health, their generation appears to have an overwhelmingly positive mindset when it comes to cannabis.

Despite its long held and worldwide status as an accepted “social lubricant,” drinking alcohol regularly has some potentially devastating side effects that could affect many different aspects of one’s life and millennials seem to be well aware of that. Considering the health issues that can have a dire effect on pretty much every organ in the human body, the dangerous addiction that often accompanies heavy alcohol use, to the negative social and economic impact that follows the addiction, millenials are finding marijuana to be a great alternative to booze.

Follow the links below for more details on The Tylt’s surveys about marijuana!

Everyone knows millennials love marijuana.

Now, a handful of polls by The Tylt back up that claim — and the numbers are staggering.

In a study which polled over 6,000 millenial-aged users, 84% believe marijuana should be legalized.

Other cannabis-related findings from the The Tylt:

87.6% of millennials believe marijuana is safer than alcohol
85.6% of millennials believe that marijuana is actually good for your health
93.2% say marijuana is better for athletes than painkillers, opioids
89.2% want marijuana to be allowed in sports
81.2% believe criminals serving time for marijuana-related crimes should be released
54.4% think marijuana should be allowed to be consumed in public

The Tylt is a website that claims to be “the largest and fastest growing social polling and opinion platform among millennials” and it has made culture waves in its polls since its creation in 2016.


Study finds 87% of millennials believe marijuana is safer than alcohol

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