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Live Broadcast: Happy 420, Senator Cory Gardner, Trump and This Week In Cannabis News

Also, The Marijuana Justice Act and Bernie Sanders, Mexico, Canada and Naming Marijuana Strains


Happy 420 everybody!!!!

Posted by The National Marijuana News on Friday, April 20, 2018

Trump Talks to Sen. Cory Gardner

Happy 4/20 everyone! Let’s discuss what happened this week leading into our global holiday! Last Friday Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado released a statement that he spoke to President Trump and received assurances from him that he would prevent Attorney General Jeff Sessions from pursuing state legal marijuana businesses and consumers despite the fact that Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo earlier this year implying that he would be looking into prosecuting state legal cannabis. In return for supporting states’ rights to decide their own marijuana policy, Trump required that Sen. Gardner stop blocking Department of Justice nominees from being appointed. Senator Gardner sits on the congressional committee that appoints Justice Department nominees and had been preventing their appointment until he received an assurance that President Trump would follow through on his campaign promise to allow states to decide their own policies on cannabis.

Bernie Sanders Co-Sponsors Marijuana Justice Act

Staying with our national news, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey sponsored the Marijuana Justice Act last year which would not only remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act and completely remove it from federal drug scheduling, but would even strip funding from states that sought to continue arresting people for non-violent marijuana possession charges. The bill gained yet another co-sponsor with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders signing off on it yesterday. Frustration over the opioid epidemic seems to be the main reason why Sanders is co-sponsoring the bill. Many people believe that medical marijuana could be the solution to fighting the opioid epidemic as many states that have legalized cannabis have seen a drop in the amount of people dying from drug overdoses associated with opioids.

Canada to test sewage to measure national marijuana consumption

Moving to some interesting international news, Canada plans on testing its sewage to measure their nation’s marijuana consumption rate. While this may sound odd, it is actually a fairly common practice. In Europe they have been studying sewage to determine all sorts of drug use for decades. Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are working hard to have recreational marijuana nationally legalized before the end of the year but lawmakers are not making it an easy process. One of their requirements to even consider passing the legislation is that the sewage be tested.

Mexico’s Supreme Court could be secretly legalizing recreational marijuana nationally

Heading south to Mexico, there is news that Mexico’s Supreme Court may be looking to legalize the recreational use of marijuana nationwide as well. Mexico’s government is setup so that the Supreme Court can actually enact legislation on their own but only if the court approves the legislation five consecutive times. It is a slow process but the Supreme Court is heading in that direction. Like the US, Mexico’s war on drugs has not fared well and the idea that removing the illegal cannabis market, which is where most of the violent crime associated with marijuana comes from, through legalization of marijuana seems to be making more sense.

Parents let 2-year old eat cannabis infused macaroni and cheese

Back here in the states, two negligent parents allowed their 2-year old child to eat macaroni and cheese infused with marijuana. The event was reported by an anonymous source that said the two parents dunked the child in cold water in their backyard to try and shock the effects of the marijuana out of the child. The mother has been arrested and police found illegal marijuana plants growing on their property as well as psychedelic mushrooms. This sort of negligence is not a product of the marijuana legalization movement and it behooves all of us to make clear that this sort of irresponsible act is not acceptable by the cannabis community.

Dr. Cindy Orser of Digipath Labs proposes new naming standard for marijuana strains

Turning to the science of cannabis. Dr. Cindy Orser, the Chief Science Officer of Digipath Labs, was published in Natural Products Chemistry & Research and Cannabis Science and Technology this week for her reasoning concerning eliminating the non-standardized naming methods of cannabis strains. She suggests that a more scientifically standardized method that uses the unique terpenoid patterns found in marijuana strains could be a better means to name cannabis strains in order to allow cultivators to better protect their proprietary cultivars and to create a means for authentication and registration. This will also allow cannabis consumers to better understand their choices of cannabis and identify the strains that have the desired effect.

New study published in JAMA Psychiatry suggests that regular marijuana use does not impair cognitive functions over the long term.

FInally, a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry edition suggests that there is no long term cognitive impairment from regular cannabis consumption. The study suggests that 72 hours after marijuana consumption people regain their full cognitive abilities. The study involved over 2,000 regular cannabis users and over 6,000 people that do not consume marijuana and included young adults as well. It flies in the face of many marijuana opponents that  have been suggesting for a long time that marijuana use damages the brain permanently. It also contradicts a study from 2014 that suggested that marijuana can impair the developing brains of the younger generation.

We hope everyone has a very happy and safe 4/20!

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