Man Forced To Eat Marijuana By Police Officers

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Three Phoenix Police Departmentofficers have resigned and are now involved in criminal and administrative investigations following allegations that they made a 19-year-old man eat marijuana to avoid going to jail during a traffic stop.

Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner identified the three officers as Richard G. Pina, Jason E. McFadden and Michael J. Carnicle, all of whom were probationary employees and had been with the department for less than one year. Yahner said “termination was inevitable” if the officers hadn’t chosen to resign on their own.




  1. Wait. What? Are we supposed to be mad that the cops tried to keep a teenage young adult from prison and a permanent record for using a natural herb that treats and cures more medical conditions than I can write down ? Did a camera get the cops in trouble or did the boy tell on them ? How many cops have poured out someone’s beer that wasn’t drunk but was traveling with an open container ? Tons. How many warning tickets have been written ? Is this not the same as a warning ? Now these cops who tried to help and keep the peace are fired for actually doing their jobs peacefully ? Bet if the cops had shot him, they’d get promoted after a short paid leave of absence.

  2. So what the officers made him eat marijuana. It’s good for their receptors. There’s not a damn thing wrong with marijuana. Those officers should not have been fired. Alcohol kills more people than marijuana and it’s legal. Marijuana has killed no one and it heals many many diseases.

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