9 States Will Vote On Marijuana Measures This November


2016 is a big year for cannabis as nine states plan to vote on Nov. 8 to expand legal access to all forms of marijuana based products.

This include five states that will vote to legalize recreational use for anyone 21 and over. States that have legalized cannabis for recreational use seem to be benefiting in a positive light with millions of extra tax dollars going towards schooling, rebuilding communities and helping the homeless.

Marijuana leaves

Click here for a rundown of what is happening in all nine states.



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  1. Arizona is one of those states and for a formerly republican state, I find that truly amazing. I wish people would stop putting money into the anti-Prop 205 campaign at the last minute, or that people who wanted it approved would support it financially. For example, the local greenhouse pioneers, Copperstate Farms and more specifically the Symington family, because they want to have the biggest greenhouse in the country. They have yet to fund any campaign and it makes me question the morals of the company.

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