Former Reporter Faces 54 Years In Jail For Alaska Cannabis Club

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Charlo Greene made headlines in 2014 when the then 26-year-old memorably quit her TV reporting gig on air while announcing her intention to push for the legalization of marijuana in Alaska: She said, “F— it, I quit,” before walking out of view. But as the Guardian reports, her ensuing off-screen plight has been largely ignored, even though she faces more than a half-century in prison. That’s because Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, isn’t just a cannabis advocate but the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, which she created on April 20, 2014, a full six months before Alaska voted to legalize the adult use of cannabis. In other words, she was receiving “donations” for marijuana through club “memberships” before it was legal to do so. Read more at


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