Lawmaker In Nevada Submits Bill To Give Pets Access To Cannabis-Related Treatment For Pain


By Martín Wagmaister—TNMNews Executive Producer

In past editions of The National Marijuana News, we have featured Julianna Carella. Miss Carella is the owner of Auntie Dolores edibles and also introduced us to Treat-ibles, a CBD-based treat for pets that assists with different sorts of pet ailments. Initially after the interview, our listeners met the idea with skepticism. With most human edible cannabis treats being touted as unhealthy for animals, what was there to prove that this latest creation wasn’t going to do the same? Well, a lot has changed since our first interview with Miss Carella and Treat-ibles has slowly but surely become a go–to source as an alternative to pet medications. Now, a lawmaker in Nevada has proposed a bill in the state legislature that would allow sick pets to have access to medical marijuana.

According to Reuters, Democrat Tick Segerblom presented the measure, which would “let owners obtain the drug for their animals if a veterinarian confirmed it may mitigate the symptoms or effects of a chronic or debilitating medical condition.”

The bill doesn’t only cater to pets. It also includes some human provisions related to medical marijuana, including new regulations for dispensaries and dropping penalties for people found driving with the drug in their system.

No word on if the state legislature will take up the bill anytime soon. Stay tuned to The National Marijuana News for more information on this topic.

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