The First “Weedery” is here in Colorado.


Colorado, long time home of distinguished breweries and refineries, is opening it's first "weedery" now that Marijuana is legal. 

Lead by entrepreneur Christian Hagseth, the weedery aims to be something similar to a brewery or winery, and will "help demystify and normalize legal marijuana by providing a unique cultural and educational experience. ​

His company, American Cannabis Partners, said the $35 million 'weedery' the "Cannabis Ranch"​ will open next year and include a marijuana cultivation facility, a 3,000-seat amphitheatre, a restaurant and rooftop bar, a dispensary, a gift shop, and "sweeping views of Colorado's Rocky Mountains." They plan to locate it within 30 minutes of downtown Denver.

Hagseth has said this will be Colorado's first weedery, but he intends on eventually building five as soon as he can raise $100 million towards the effort.

This week he told the New York Times that the next locations he plans to open will be in Nevada, Massachusetts, then California and Washington. ​

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