Researcher Predicts Next Five States To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Will Be On Both Coasts

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It’s the hope of marijuana users and pro-pot organizations that the upcoming elections will create a tipping point in their favor, where at least five or more states will set precedent and legalize cannabis for recreational consumption. Many experts and researchers are predicting that the topic of marijuana will create a higher voter turnout than normal. It’s already evident that Republicans and Democrats alike are using its long-known medical benefits to stump for their own candidacies.

Barney Warf is a professor of geography at the University of Kansas and the author of the journal, “High Points: An Historical History of Cannabis.” Although he admits that legalization can be “hard to predict”, he foresees five states that are almost certain to legalize cannabis based on their current laws and voter leanings.

Why these five specific states? According to Warf, “All five of these states have legal medical marijuana and tend to be liberal or libertarian in voting patterns.”

Here are the next five states where recreational marijuana could be legal, according to Professor Barney Warf:

1) California: “Recreational cannabis almost was legalized in the past, and California voters are sure to do so in 2016.”

2) Nevada: “Nevada shares the libertarian sentiments of Alaska.”

3) Vermont: “There’s a strong liberal tradition there in Vermont.”

4) Illinois: “’The Land of Lincoln’ is surprisingly progressive on this issue.”

5) New York: “New York legalized medical marijuana last year.”



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