BLOG w/VIDEO: Bill Maher Told His “Real Time” Constituents That Marijuana Should Be Legal…But Did He Miss Something?

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By Martín Wagmaister—Executive Producer of The National Marijuana News

On Friday night, comedian and talk show host Bill Maher used his now-famous “New Rules” segment on his weekly HBO show, “Real Time With Bill Maher”, to give his opinion on marijuana and why it should be legalized. Maher pointed out that the war on drugs has been a failure and that people are in jail for the same petty, low-level crimes that some of our most famous politicians have committed–and admitted to committing them.

Although it was a huge push for legalization, Maher failed to speak about something equally important as non-violent drug offenders in jail. Maher never once talked about or lobbied for the fact that marijuana should be legalized because of its medical and scientific efficacies. He had more than enough time to talk about a few of the ailments that the plant is aiding, like epilepsy, PTSD, cancer and glaucoma. He could’ve told one of the many countless stories of how children’s lives have been saved because of its CBD properties. He could’ve talked about how the industry is legitimizing itself and could become a lifesaver for the American economy in a multitude of ways.

Bill Maher has been a massive proponent of marijuana for many years. He has come out in support of it when most cannabis-using celebrities hid out and stayed quiet. Yet on Friday, when Maher could’ve hit a home run with his comments on marijuana,  he only hit a double. Let’s hope he swings for the fences next time.


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